Welcome to Oracle Delphi

Delphi , near Mt. Parnassus in Greece,  was a sacred site of Apollo (also spelled Apollon), God of the arts, archery and prophesy. He represented order, harmony and civilization, a patron of intellectual pursuits. Since Apollo was the God of prophesy there was an Oracle, The Oracle of Delphi. She was called the Pythia, for she would tell the future to those who requested it. It would be in the form of a riddle sometimes, and, according to ancient sources, often was correct if you interpreted it right. 

According to earliest legend, Delphi was originally a sacred site to Gaea (Earth). Later, Delphi was referred to by Zeus as the center of the world. Delphi was a respected site by many cultures of the known world. Consequently, I see Apollo as being associated with both science and, because of prophesy, mysticism. A fitting contrast to blend the two sides of our thinking, logical reasoning and intuition. So, to properly consider all possibilities, I chose the Oracle of Delphi, Apollo’s domain, as my website, oracledelphi.com (not to mention it was the best domain name I could find that was available). I'm just beginning to add things to this site, so parts are under construction. But I will be updating it with new information periodically.